Korean Skincare – Get Youthful, Glowing and Forever 18 Looking Skin

Press Release (Date: 10 October 2016) Lansing, Michigan

Korean Skincare – Get Youthful, Glowing and Forever 18 Looking Skin

Summary: Skin18 has brought some excellent natural Korean skincare products that you can use to get a glowing and youthful skin without even makeup.

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30 Health Care Blogs To Follow In 2016

skincarebeauty18.com is proud to present that we are selected by www.10greatest.com to be one of their [ 30 Health Care Blogs To Follow In 2016 ]

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My Gosh – Character Facial Sheet Masks!!!

OMG i was so excited when i first learned about those Character Facial Sheet Masks, they are such an amazing invention from Korea!  I found Tiger, Panda, Monkey, Sheep, Fox, Seal, Cow, Horses, Bear…etc and they all look amazingly cute!

After the silly excitement, second thought in mind with those was series of questions – are they “safe” to be used? Are they benefit to skin? Or will they do any damage to the skin?  What kind of factory produce them?  Do they have any sort of official standard certification?  Am i  sure i can put those on my face?  etc.

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Korean Celebrity without makeup

Watching Korean Drama is a trend in Hong Kong nowadays.  There are always a reason behind for the popularity.  Unlike other dramas in different countries which mostly focusing on love relationship stories or family values, Korean Drama is very creative with stories such as a girl who can see “scent”, spirit of two persons swapped, etc.  Those storytelling includes a lot of crying and emotions.  One important common thing i found from watching is – actresses like to act in front of the camera without “any” makeup.   This is not a personal interest, it is a trend in Korea.

In fact, Korea is also famous on being an expert on plastic surgery and this is why many of them looks so “pretty”.  😛

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BB Cream Discovery

When i first heard of “BB cream“, i thought it was another name for “foundation” and had no idea what was the differences between the two.  Way before BB cream, my sister recommended me to use “Tinted Moisturizer” because foundation i had been using always gave me a “powder” look and i did not like it.

I was once a big fan of Laura Mercier and i was in love with their “Tinted Moisturizer”, eye liner and then i started using their skin care products from Cleanser, Toner, Serum to Moisturizer.  Honestly their skin care line is not amazing but as mentioned so many times: changing brand habit from time to time is supposed to be a good thing.

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