How many times should I use facial mask weekly?

Many users/customers/friends always come to me and ask “how many times should I use sheet mask weekly?”.  My answer is “I don’t know”, why?  It is because you are always the one who know your skin the best, why would you ask another person how many time should you mask weekly?  There are no standard answer as everyone is different from each other.  Just like this question -> how much food should you eat everyday?  How do I konw?

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Lazy person with a 30 days challenge – for your skin’s good!

” I am a super lazy person, how should I start my Korean skincare routine? It looks so complicated to me but I want to look young without makeup. “

Skin care routine is nothing like makeup magic and it is definitely not a short term intensive process with speedy amazing result, it is instead a long-term process with not significant result.  Many people never start the process because they claimed them they are very lazy, they found the skin care routine too complicated.   Continue reading “Lazy person with a 30 days challenge – for your skin’s good!”

The Amazing Anti-Aging Sercret – Ben & Sera Serum

This is my personal skin care routine – from Cleanser > Toner > Face Oil (Winter only) > Serum > Lotion > Moisturizer > Mist.  For some reason my favorite step has always been “Serum” among all as it is an important step with quality concentrated essence.  During the skin care routine process, my big secret is to let skin absorb for 1-2 minutes between each step, the most enjoyable process is obviously the Serum absorption. Continue reading “The Amazing Anti-Aging Sercret – Ben & Sera Serum”

Skin18 Important note for Skin18 Reviewers!!

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Eye Balm – Great invention for Eye Area

Eye Concealer used to be my best friend for many years due to my dark circle problem, and I could not leave home without wearing concealer.  The biggest problem during that time was the horrible dryness which cracked up my eye area after 3-4 hours of prettiness.  Years of coverage not only created temporary dryness for my delicate eye area, I ended up having permanent visible lines at a very young age. :O Continue reading “Eye Balm – Great invention for Eye Area”

How often should I Mask?

Since i started using sheet mask, I asked so many professionals especially factories and their doctors on how often do I mask to get the best result at my age?  Everyday?  Bi-Daily? 3-4 times a week? Twice a week?  I also wanted to know if I should mask more often to get the better result?  What is “enough” for my skin type?

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Skin Care Blogger (Blogger’s talk)

I first heard of blogging about 20 years ago but I never pay much attention to it, during that time only people who work in the IT field get chances to own their personal blog.  Thanks to the technology which makes it a lot easier for bloggers to create blog to share feelings and knowledge.  Nowadays, most sharing links with fruitful content we read from facebook, social media or search engine are all written from bloggers!

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What do eye patchs do and how they work?

I have serious dark circle problem since i was little and obvious lines started to appear when i was 20+; all that happened for a good reason as i gained much knowledge on eye care.  I started all by trying many kinds of concealer as a coverage and my eye problem became worse.  Not until i start mixing concealer with eye cream that my eye’s problem got better; after years of eye cream experience with eye mask sometime, i do not use concealer anymore.  After the stage of concealer, eye cream and eye mask, i discovered the powerful of eye patch.

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Enough moisture level can avoid & reduce lines

Since Skin18 started, I am able to meet and chat with a lot of professional doctors from skin care factories in Korea and i pay even more attention on caring for my skin.  I once asked a doctor from a factory if i have any obvious lines on my face or what “level” of skin care products shall i be using and they suggested me to do a test to understand which part of my face need help first – that was interesting.

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