Comparing Innisfree: Green Tea Seed + Perfect 9 Repair

As a Korean Skin Care buyer, I had a hard time to make decision between two series of Innisfree product to stock in for  Green tea series VS Perfect 9.  So I decided to first started with Perfect 9 as my skin care routine; this set is a more expensive series and I was expecting to get some amazing change to my skin from there.

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30 Health Care Blogs To Follow In 2016 is proud to present that we are selected by to be one of their [ 30 Health Care Blogs To Follow In 2016 ]

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Grinif Organic Natural Ingredient Soap

When I first start partnering with the brand Grinif, i was not very satisfy because of their limited expiration date comparing with many other brands.  Shelf time is always a concern for skin care products business just like food selling; I opened a bar & restaurant with partners in the pasted  and I learned a lot from the experience on products with expiration concerns.

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Expiration Date Issue

It is VERY IMPORTANT to pay attention to the expiration date before you put anything on your face, just like how important it is to check expiration date for any kind of food you eat.  This was educated from my mother, family, friends and the public since i was little.   After years of following this rules, I had a second thought – how do production factory determine what is the expiration date? And what will happen if I really eat food after the expiration date? Will I get sick?

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Join SkinCareBeauty18 Welcome Giveaways!!

Skin18 team is very exciting to launch – a leisure blog to discuss, share and recommend skin care products from Skin18’s frounder.  In order to celebrate the official launching month of – February 2016, we are going to run 6 rounds of special giveaway on this blog for those who want to try Korean Facial Sheet Masks.  Remember this giveaway is only for Korean Sheet Masks newbies!!

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Another surprised 3 steps Facial Masks: CraCare Anit-Aging 3 steps Masks

It is hard to tell which Korean Skin Care Brand makes better Masks and is popular nowadays because there are so many of them.  By visiting Korea for a couple of times, reading articles related to Korean Facial Mask for a while and using Facial Masks for months.  I think some very popular Korea Mask Brands would be Mediheal, Leaders, Innisfree, EtudeHouse, SNP, Nature Republic, Holika Holika, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, etc.

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3 Step Home Facial – Skin Guardian 3 Step Total Facial Mask

I am getting more and more excited on all those Korean Sheet Masks as their creativity really excite me!  I had a meeting with the supplier today and all of their products are so innovative that i felt like i want to try them all!   The more i get involve with this business, the more addicted i am, lol.

Surely before i place it at Skin18 to share to others, i need to try it myself 🙂

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