Clay – A type of Wash Off Masks – let’s Rinse it off.

The first type of mask I used in life was a clay mask, or more like a “mud mask”, which was introduced by my mother when I was 15.  The mud mask still exist in the market and I would like to share my 20+ years of experience with this clay mask.

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7 Fruity Masks from Monday to Sunday

Have you ever seen people putting fruit on face for facial? Don’t be surprise because there are many recipes out there on fruit/food facial, you will find quiet a lot of reference links if searching on the Internet for “fruit facial” .  Basically it is a concept of preparing food to put onto your face for facial time and not by eating/drinking.  Each type of fruit/food also has its own special function just like the skin care products we are using everyday.

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Facial Sheet Masks Experience after 3 months

Facial Sheet Mask is honestly an interesting way for skin pampering or nutrition feeding.  I never like it until i discovered so many different kinds of sheet mask from Korea and Taiwan out there.  The first clay mask i used was from Borghese (introduced from my mother) and the first facial mask sheet i used was from SK-II (freebies from my purchase), i honestly did not like the masking process so i stopped.  I am so glad that i finally pick it up again because i now pay more attention to the moisturizing level of my skin and sheet mask became a relaxing personal interest of my life.

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i:bo 3 steps all-in-one 3 steps repair solution

After switching to Korean Skin care, I do home facial more often then before and it seems that it is easier than i thought it would be especially with sheet masks. I can do it anytime i want and the process is very relaxing as i am a “home person” indeed. The discovery of 3 steps masks even made it easier and more convenient where one packet has included everything i need for a complete home facial. I selected my favorite brand and decided to talk about it. 🙂

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What is Facial Mask Sheets?

Facial Mask Sheet is the easier process ever for pampering your skin.  Going to a spa and do facial was a relaxing process but now you can be even more relax by doing it at home.  The first clay mask i used was from Borghese (introduced from my mother) and the first facial mask sheet i used was from SK-II (freebies from my purchase).

I used different kinds of Borghese since i was young at home and the kind i used was Fango Active Mud for Face and Body Fango Active Mud for Face and Body which is their signature and class mineral-rich mud.  It has the function of purifying power purges and minimizes pores, it can also exfloiates and help surface cell turnover, imparting clarity.  I am sure their clay mask is best of the best but the tightening and drying process was not suitable for my skin.   Continue reading “What is Facial Mask Sheets?”

Addicted to Facial Sheet Masks

Why do i want to talk about facial masks?  I never “mask” before and i had no idea what sheet masks were until i got bunch of freebies from my Korea Skincare shopping.  This is the exact shopping experience i want to offer to people who shop at

I once remember some of my friends gave me some SK-II facial sheet masks as gift but i never use them until they expired – it was too much work & time for me (i thought).

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