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From the Author (Founder of Skin18.com(Contact us page – info@skin18.com)

Hi, my name is Eugenie, i am from Hong Kong & the US – i am a huge Korean skincare fans after a visit to Korea in the year of 2015.   Discovery on Beauty of Korean Skin Care brighten up my life and I would love to share my experiences, the beauty of skin care with readers – the concept is to use skincare to keep our beauty at age of 18. 🙂 Enjoy

I am a busy lady with different kinds of work around me,  I used to enjoy challenging big projects, working hard for the society like a zombie and filling up my schedule with non-ending tasks; my life style changed last year from a good reason with God’s lead and i would rather enjoy a relaxing schedule on doing what i am interested in.

My interest? I like to work, design, draw, teach, sing, travel, chit chat, shop, play online games, do business, meet friends, etc.  Most importantly, i enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  The start of Skin18 was a friendly sharing site and i want to share my experience to the whole world – I am trying my best to run the business at the same time send out as much freebies/giveaways as possible! 😀

Feel free to read the [ About us ] section at Skin18.com to find out how did i become the founder of Skin18.

After started working with factories, doctors, bloggers, writers, customers; who enjoyed skin care as much as me at Skin18, I figured i would like to share my thoughts on skin care experiences in here in a friendly way.   I will talk about all different kind of brands and not only those Korean Brand Skin18 carries. Please do not expect this as a “sales driven” blog – business is business for Skin18 and i am here to chat not to sell.  Instead if you are interested to work with Skin18 in a friendly way – to review our products, to discuss with us and share, we are more then welcome to work with you.

I like to make lots of friends from different countries with different background, feel free to drop me an email, i might pass it to the Skin18 sales and marketing team if it is anything related to business or nothing interest me. 😛

For any questions, comments or if you want to keep in touch, please kindly send an email to skincarebeauty18@skin18.com or info@skin18.com (Click for the contact us page)

Note from Skin18 on Feb 2016:

  • Many posts were written a while back and the Skin18 team is updating it as quick as possible.  Hope readers enjoy reading and we are always open up on any friendly comments.
  • Note: Unfriendly comments will be deleted by the Skin18 team, so please be nice. 😀
  • skincarebeauty18.com contained updated RSS feed from Skin18.com on left and right columns; there are also link on the top bar to go to the website.


skincarebeauty18.com is a personal leisure informational blog about skin care, all opinions expressing here only represent personal’s point of view.  Host of this blog is the founder of Skin18.com.  There are absolutely no representation as to accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information.  There are possibility for errors, omissions, or delays on providing information.  Please feel free to challenge or disagree with any providing information, please note that skincarebeauty18.com reserves the right to delete any comment for any reason.


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