Skin Care Blogger (Blogger’s talk)

I first heard of blogging about 20 years ago but I never pay much attention to it, during that time only people who work in the IT field get chances to own their personal blog.  Thanks to the technology which makes it a lot easier for bloggers to create blog to share feelings and knowledge.  Nowadays, most sharing … Continue reading Skin Care Blogger (Blogger’s talk)

Join SkinCareBeauty18 Welcome Giveaways!!

Skin18 team is very exciting to launch – a leisure blog to discuss, share and recommend skin care products from Skin18’s frounder.  In order to celebrate the official launching month of – February 2016, we are going to run 6 rounds of special giveaway on this blog for those who want to try Korean Facial Sheet Masks.  Remember this giveaway is only … Continue reading Join SkinCareBeauty18 Welcome Giveaways!!

Another surprised 3 steps Facial Masks: CraCare Anit-Aging 3 steps Masks

It is hard to tell which Korean Skin Care Brand makes better Masks and is popular nowadays because there are so many of them.  By visiting Korea for a couple of times, reading articles related to Korean Facial Mask for a while and using Facial Masks for months.  I think some very popular Korea Mask Brands … Continue reading Another surprised 3 steps Facial Masks: CraCare Anit-Aging 3 steps Masks

7 Fruity Masks from Monday to Sunday

Have you ever seen people putting fruit on face for facial? Don’t be surprise because there are many recipes out there on fruit/food facial, you will find quiet a lot of reference links if searching on the Internet for “fruit facial” .  Basically it is a concept of preparing food to put onto your face for facial … Continue reading 7 Fruity Masks from Monday to Sunday

Enough moisture level can avoid & reduce lines

Since Skin18 started, I am able to meet and chat with a lot of professional doctors from skin care factories in Korea and i pay even more attention on caring for my skin.  I once asked a doctor from a factory if i have any obvious lines on my face or what “level” of skin care products shall i … Continue reading Enough moisture level can avoid & reduce lines

Home Facial vs Spa Facial

First facial impression i had was a relaxing process in a spa or clinic, and i could never imagine i can do it at home.  It is indeed a professional process that requires lots of knowledge on step-by-step, careful handling, ingredient background and even a little medical background.  My mother has awesome skin and i accompanied her many times to … Continue reading Home Facial vs Spa Facial

My Skin Care Routine Talk

  Skin care routine is a knowledge based caring process whereas each individual has to learn their own steps from knowledge, experience, analysis result, test on skin and improve for better treatment.   There are also different skin types that needs to be award of: oily, normal, dry, combination and sensitive. (Find out your skin type here).  Skin type … Continue reading My Skin Care Routine Talk

My Gosh – Character Facial Sheet Masks!!!

OMG i was so excited when i first learned about those Character Facial Sheet Masks, they are such an amazing invention from Korea!  I found Tiger, Panda, Monkey, Sheep, Fox, Seal, Cow, Horses, Bear…etc and they all look amazingly cute! After the silly excitement, second thought in mind with those was series of questions – are … Continue reading My Gosh – Character Facial Sheet Masks!!!