Skin18 Video(3): Ingredient Intro: Learn more about sheet mask ingredient!

One of the most interesting points of Korean Skincare is their natural ingredients; 10 out of 10 Korean skin care factories claim that they use all natural ingredient that can function naturally to benefit the skin.  Their interesting ingredient list are food we eat and not limited to fruits, vegetables, daily food and special ones like collagen, snail, syn-ake, etc.

Skin18 is very interested on all those ingredient talks especially how we hear so much from factory professionals.  All beneficial ingredients have different functions to the skin; Fruits like Acai berries, Strawberries, Lemon, Pomegranate; Vegetables like Avocado, Tomato, Green Beans; Daily food like Rice, Milk, Green Tea, Grain; Special ones like Collagen, Snail, Syn-ake, etc.

Since there are so many and it is hard to find an easy way to present to our users, so we decided to organize and produce series of cartoon video from Ingredient A to Z to present those interesting points to you in an easy way.

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Ingredient Intro: Learn more about sheet mask ingredient!
  • Do you know? Skincare Ingredient = Food Ingredient
  • We eat healthy food, our skin also needs to pamper with nutrition
  • Korea kick start with skincare = food ingredient
  • Putting fruit on your face as facial masks?
  • Natural Ingredients are always the best choice!

 Link to video in youtube:
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