Bad food & Bad Effects on your skin

It is a generate knowledge that healthy eating can keep a healthy body; giving that healthy eating can also keep a healthy weight.  Do you know that the healthiness also extend to your skin?  In short, too much oil, sugar, fatty food can lead to a major skin type change from good to bad.

Many friends suggest me to choose a balanced diet or healthy eating plan, I was surprised on how many of my friends are expert on calories calculation indeed.  After many years of exploring a healthy diet, what I learned about healthy eating is that it is all about balance.

Healthy eating pyramid is an easy way to understand what we need to eat in what portion can keep up a good health (and healthy skin also).  Portion runs from top to bottom which means less on top and more on the bottom.

  • 1 portion of fat, oil, sweets
  • 2 portion of milk, cheese, meat, fish
  • 4 portion of fruits
  • 5 portion vegetables
  • 6 portion of cereals, breads, potato and pasta.

Even though fruits and vegetables are marked with two big “health” labels for everyday eating plan, we cannot miss out grain and carbohydrates.  Korean transformed many mentioned food to skin care ingredient which can feed directly to your skin, this is why I like and enjoy Korean skin care so much.

  • Awesome for the skin: Fruits, Vegatables, Grains, etc
  • Avoid for your skin: Sugar, Oil, Fatty Food, Salty, Sweets, Alcohol, etc


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Enough for the healthy talk, so what does “bad food” do to the skin?  I would like to share a blogger and review story.

One time, a blogger told us she had the worse breakouts ever after using one of Skin18’s best selling sheet mask. Since the product was best selling, we decided to invite many other to try for honest review.  We then received 100% superb positive feedback with the product.

Out of curiosity, I started to talk to the blogger myself in deep and found out that she was having a horrible unhealthy diet for years.  She loves fried food and she never stop eating fried food which was so bad for her skin.  She thought only by using skin care products can heal her pore problem and skin issues; but she did not know the bad food she was eating affected her skin the most.

It is important to know that acne breakouts can caused by fried foods, fatty foods, caffeine, nuts, chocolate, and even red meat.  Those food are harmful to the skin and can hurt the skin for a long time.  In fact, there are also foods to protect skin cells from damage, keep up the hydration and softness.

As a reminder for myself, I have my personal [ bad food = bad effect to my skin ] list in mind to avoid sudden breakouts.  I would like to share mine with you as reference, but keep in mind that this list is for ME only and you have to monitor your own diet & result for your own.

  • Too much salt will result in puffy eyes.
  • Less than 6 hours of sleep will result in dark circle.
  • Any shell food might result in rashes.
  • Chips, french fries or chocolate will result in acne breakouts.
  • Alcohol will result in skin dehydration.

Now create your own list and watch the food you eat from now on for a healthy glowing skin.

Read more at skin18com Blog:


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