Skin18 YouTube Channel Launched

Following a lot of hard work, across months of planning and meetings, Skin18 has finally released our YouTube channel with animated cartoon video to explain skin care news, terms, types, concerns, ingredients, etc.  Our planned video goes from series 1 to 100.  Stay Tune –

I studied video editing back in collage and graduated with a telecommunication degree focusing on digital video editing.  Digitization video and audio development from betacam, S-VHS, VCD, S-VCD, DA-88, DA-98, Dolby Digital, AC-3, DC-1, DVD, DVCAM, D2, streaming, to mobile phones had been my daily task for years. Sometime i missed those editing sleepless nights.

The digital world changes so fast that makes it easier for people to edit their own video and share on platform like YouTube.  Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro are no longer leading pros as many new ones with easier DIY controls launched to replace them.

With a solid video background as base, it was really hard for me to make a decision on how to easily pass my skin care knowledge through video channel to users?

The more I learn about skin care knowledge from beauty doctors and professional from Korea skin care factories, the more I wanted to share to many others on those information.  In fact, there are just too much reading and medical terms to remember.  In considering many of us already have a life filled with boring terms, I wanted to discover an easy way out.  Ever keen to embrace new and innovative methods to share our limited skin care knowledge, Skin18 now have our own dedicated cartoon based video channel.  Enjoy~

It would be lovely for you to subscribe to Skin18 channel to learn more:

Skin18 Video(1): Have you ever try sheet mask?

Skin18 Video

  • Have you try Korean Sheet Mask Before?
  • It is the Lazy Girl’s Home Facial.
  • How About a free Korean Sheet Mask as a tryout?
  • The Korean Face Mask Sheets are taking the world by storm.
  • Have you ever wondered what they are? and why are they so popular?

Link to video in youtube:
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