Join Skin18 Challenge 1-100s Reviews Program

Want to Challenge [ Skin18 1-100s Reviews ] ?  Skin18 Blogger’s team is launching a new FREE product with FREE shipping blogger program on Summer 2016 for again!

* Important Note: Application will run as long as stock last *

Skin18 would like to invite any blogger, or anyone who likes to try Korean Skincare to enter our [ Skin18 Challenge 1-100s Reviews Program ].  Our recruitment will last and valid as long as stock last, an estimation of running time for 1 year.

For newbies, please select only level 1 product and purchase only ONE and ONE in quantity for all your orders!! Multiple orders will result in termination on entering the program!! For example, placing 3 orders will all be canceled.

Skin18 Reviewer Program is the only way for Skin18 to distribute free PR samples and application process is necessary for all PR samples.

A little more about Challenge 1-100s Reviews Program:

  • [ Skin18 Challenge 1-100s Reviews Program ] goes from level 1 to level 100 meaning Skin18 will offer freebies from 1 pc to 100 pcs.  Blogger’s pack can be easily approved on level 1 if you meet our minimum requirements with absolutely no exceptional cases, so please do not apply if you do not meet the requirements.
  • You can try to grow your followers/users/friends network to join as this program will run continuously.  You can enter level 2 ONLY if you fulfill all the social media sharing, review on Skin18 site and blog posts with your level 1 package.
  • You can join freely even if you had joined any other Skin18 blogger program in the pasted.  Skin18’s goal is to continue sending out free packages to bloggers in return for a honest review.

Minimum Requirements to enter as Skin18 Challenge 1-100s Reviews Program :

  1. It would be awesome if you are a blogger (even new ones) and have your own blog page.
  2. Host accounts on a minimum of 2 social media channels with over 500+ followers/fans over all channels: Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / Google+ / Instagram / Tumblr / snapchat
  3. If you do not have the above mentioned followers or blog page, create one and start collecting fans now.
  4. Your page / social media page’s content has to be something related to skincare, beauty, reviews, lifestyle, travel or similar to the above topics.  Anything not related to above topics will not be qualify.
  5. Please DO NOT apply if you are unsure about your accurate shipping address, do not have 500 followers or do not want to follow Skin18’s community.
  6. After accepting to the program, Skin18 will send your selected products.

Step by Step guide for application?

Follow Skin18 Social Media Channels to find out more


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