Tanning was a trend when I was a teenager, friends always go to tanning center salon to enjoy the “burn” to the skin.  The business is still around and popular to some people.  What you do is to dress up in swimming suit, wear a protective googles, apply lotions and go inside the tanning bed to “burn” for 15 mins to get your desire color.  Tanning do make a person look amazingly stunning but the harm it does to your skin is definitely  does not worth it.

Do you know that a tanning person usually need to wear protective googles when going inside the tanning case because the skin on eye lids or around the eyes are not thick enough to filter out UVA and UVB rays.  With too much exposure can harm the retina or burn the cornea.  Besides, UV from tanning bed is surely not suggested for pregnant women.  All such facts sum up a big fact – Avoid the sun to protect your skin!

Wake boarding was and is my favorite sport of all, exposing to the sun is a total unavoidable situation while wake boarding.  All those youthful wake boarding time left my face with frangos.  My suggestion to all readers reading this, no matter how old you are, try to avoid the sun.  People in Korea never appear to like the sun too much and old ladies still has brightest skin. For me, i think once in a while won’t harm too much as I do want to enjoy life.

The only way to be good to your skin especially the face is to avoid the sun and pamper it with nutrition skincare products.  Think about it, we all have to be so careful on eating but why not feeding nutrition to the skin? Skin especially the face expose to the outside environment without coverage for your life time.

Suggested Reading from skin18.com

  • What Can I Do to Reduce My Risk of Skin Cancer? Avoid the sun & keep feeding nutrition to your skin!!
    • Being exposed to the sun may also lead to skin cancer but young people and children are more at risk compared toadult, when a child gets sunburn when she is still young, he risks getting skin cancer in his late life. People who should be careful are people who have a fair skin that burns strongly at the sun: when you have fair and red hair, when you suffer many freckles and moles, if you have the history of the skin cancer in the family or if you had already suffered the sunburn when you were still young. You can protect yourself against sunburn, by spending time in the shade, wearing sunglasses and hat and to use sunscreen.
  • Be good to your skin – avoid the sun and use UV
    • Taking care of your facial skin is something that is certainly very important to you. In order to be good to your skin, you need to clean it properly every day, in the morning, and before you go to bed, and you should regularly apply particular products that will nourish your skin. One of the things that certainly should not be disregarded is protection from the sun. As you know, harmful UV rays can damage your skin, cause the dryness, wrinkles, redness, and so on, which is why you need to pay special attention to that. You should avoid the sun as much as possible, and when you are going out, you need to protect your skin.

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