How many times should I use facial mask weekly?

Many users/customers/friends always come to me and ask “how many times should I use sheet mask weekly?”.  My answer is “I don’t know”, why?  It is because you are always the one who know your skin the best, why would you ask another person how many time should you mask weekly?  There are no standard answer as everyone is different from each other.  Just like this question -> how much food should you eat everyday?  How do I konw?

The easiest way to answer is – find out your own skin type and find out what is the best for your skin and you will know how many sheet masks should you have weekly or biweekly.  Here is a link to find out your skin type:  After that, try to mask your face once per week, then twice per week, three times a week; experiment with result, write down your feeling, appearance and find out what frequency best fit for your skin.   Again, there are no standard way, factory usually suggest 2-3 times a week but it can be less or more depending on your skin type, the weather, your eating habit, sleeping habit or environment you are in.

Reading suggestion from writer

Facial masks are now very common for skin care. It has also become easier to use face masks because there are ready made face sheet masks now available in the market at competitive prices. At, we have types such as Masks (Sheet – with natural ingredient, easy to use), Masks (Characters – fun character printed), Masks (with Steps – complete home facial with foam wash /serum /ampoule /cream before & after sheet mask), Mask (Hydrogel – different material/texture), Masks (Others – not limited to clay mask, peel off mask, gel mask, modeling mask, patches, etc). They save people a lot of problems, and can do the job neatly without requiring a lot of work. Different varieties are also available according to one’s individual skin needs.  But many people are not aware that facial masks should not be used every day. Twice or thrice a week would suffice in most cases.

Much depends upon the type of skin.  If the skin is too dry, then increasing the number of times the face sheet masks are used may be necessary. In general, for dry skin, masks that contain hyaluronic acid should be preferred.

For facial skin that is acne prone, the Korean skin care industry offers a great solution, namely snail excretions. These help to hydrate and remove the acne and leave the skin feeling better and smoother.

The oily skin too requires face sheet masks. These should ironically contain more oil as well as serum. Using masks once a week may suffice for people with oily skins. Effectively, people who have neither dry skin nor oily skin would be those who have combined skin. As a general rule of thumb, they require such facials twice each week.

Winter steals moisture from the skin. Therefore, more moisturizing becomes necessary in winters. Those with dry skins may have to use facial masks 4 to 5 times depending upon how dry their skin is. Unlike them, people who have oily skins would only need to use facial masks thrice a week. For those who have combined skin twice a week may still be enough, but much depends upon where the person lives and how dry the skin feels. In general, using winter creams, lotions, and serums should also be considered to keep the skin adequately hydrated.


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