Lazy person with a 30 days challenge – for your skin’s good!

” I am a super lazy person, how should I start my Korean skincare routine? It looks so complicated to me but I want to look young without makeup. “

Skin care routine is nothing like makeup magic and it is definitely not a short term intensive process with speedy amazing result, it is instead a long-term process with not significant result.  Many people never start the process because they claimed them they are very lazy, they found the skin care routine too complicated.  Lazy Person? I am sure it is an perfect excuse for escaping many things you do not like to do in life.  Let me share a little story about me in here and hope that can help somone to jump start your skin care routine.

My mother used to force me to eat one apple everyday to keep a healthy life but I always forget… I was “mature” enough to use the lazy excuse to skip her rule for a long time.

One day, my mother sat down and asked me seriously about the reason for my “misbehaviour” and she made such a big deal out of it.  She then played a game with me – 30 days challenge – she asked me to eat an apple in the morning as breakfast for 30 days for her, just 30 days, and for lifelong I can skip.  I gave her an immediate YES reply and started my 30 days with marking fact sheet!!

The starting days were the hardest time but since I promised, I went on.  I wanted to eat sausage and sunny side up egg as breakfast instead honestly… After the first week, I still felt annoying and unwilling to eat my apple in the morning .  When it reached the third weeks, it felt as if my body alarm system was set for this as a routine instead of something I hate doing – the dislike behavior changed.  In the end, after doing so for 30 days, I was excited to enjoy my promise ending celebration with sending fact sheet to my mother with a shout “LOOK! I DID IT!!”

So I stopped my routine for the first day which was nothing, only as if I turned off my alarm clock and did not wake up on time for one day. Second, third day were gone… I started to disliked those favorite sunny side up eggs, and I even started to eat apple after work.  After a week, I strangely started the routine again automatically just for to fill my demanded.

And all of a sudden I realized my mother’s intention was not being pushy for my apple eating behavior, the underline message was a 30 days challenge to make a massive difference to my life!!

This became one of the rule of thumbs in my life and I am never afraid of challenges and changes since then.  This is how I started my skin care routine and looking a lot younger then my real age.

Stop thinking and start your 30 days challenge today to take good care of your skin.  For sure there are a lot more you can do other than skin care, make use of the 30 days challenge and try to make a big change of your life.

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