How many times should I use facial mask weekly?

Many users/customers/friends always come to me and ask “how many times should I use sheet mask weekly?”.  My answer is “I don’t know”, why?  It is because you are always the one who know your skin the best, why would you ask another person how many time should you mask weekly?  There are no standard answer as everyone is different from each other.  Just like this question -> how much food should you eat everyday?  How do I konw?

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Lazy person with a 30 days challenge – for your skin’s good!

” I am a super lazy person, how should I start my Korean skincare routine? It looks so complicated to me but I want to look young without makeup. “

Skin care routine is nothing like makeup magic and it is definitely not a short term intensive process with speedy amazing result, it is instead a long-term process with not significant result.  Many people never start the process because they claimed them they are very lazy, they found the skin care routine too complicated.   Continue reading “Lazy person with a 30 days challenge – for your skin’s good!”

The goodies inside Lemon

Lemon is a very special fruits that has many positive functions in life even though it is considered to be a “sour” fruit.  Lemon Tea is one of the most popular drinks in Hong Kong, majority of the crowd love this kind of drink.  My mother used to put opened lemon inside the fridge and explained that can remove refrigerator odors and i still do that in my fridge nowadays.  Whenever i get a sore throat, my mother always made me a hot lemon water drink and asked me to drink all of it to ease my pain.

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