The Amazing Anti-Aging Sercret – Ben & Sera Serum

This is my personal skin care routine – from Cleanser > Toner > Face Oil (Winter only) > Serum > Lotion > Moisturizer > Mist.  For some reason my favorite step has always been “Serum” among all as it is an important step with quality concentrated essence.  During the skin care routine process, my big secret is to let skin absorb for 1-2 minutes between each step, the most enjoyable process is obviously the Serum absorption.

For this reason, I had always been very picky on Serum selection.  In the pasted, i tried many different kinds of serums, brands are too much to be remembered.  As I was not a Korean skin care user before, to name a few favorite ones that I still recommend would be (remarked I never pay attention to their prices before):

  • Clarins Double Serum (US$89) – this was a great serum with the idea of mixing the oil with serum which add up the moisturizing level while using it.
  • Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (US$92) – I used this serum for the longest time and it is indeed an amazing serum among all.   The texture was nice, scent was not too strong and the stem cell activator did work for me for a long time.
  • Laura Mercier Multi-vitamin Serum (mix of phase 1 and 2)  US($72) – You have to mix two little bottom of phase 1 and 2 together, I love the “orange” smell and was addicted to this serum for a while.
  • NU SKIN Ageloc Future Serum (US$70-$120) – This was an average serum only but I did used it for a long time because of how pure it was and it also has a nice effect for line correction.

Again those serums were those I enjoyed the most and re-purchased for many times in the pasted; I would still buy them to be honest.  The only big differences from those to Korean Brands I am using today is that they (western brands) are very expensive, there were some more expensive serum i used before: La Mer The Regenerating Serum (US$320), SKII Cellumination Aura Bright (US$235), L’occitane Divine Extract (US$116) , etc.  They were good but did not create an amazing result or changes to my skin.  After using Korean Brand for nearly a year now, i think the results of most serum are just the SAME.  So i would rather spend less and try more. 🙂

One special serum I would like to bring out for discussion is the brand Ben & Sera.  First of all, it is a very special kind of serum.  I will try to use words to explain its texture – it is colorless, transparent, not sticky but glossy, thick and rich in texture, slightly viscous fluid, or i can say it is thick, sticky consistency between solid and liquid.

From my many years of serum experience, this Ben & Sera is very much different than those I used in the pasted.  My skin absorb quickly in seconds right after i applied it on my face but a thin layer of “gloss” will stays for a minute to be absorbed slowly.  After this minute, my skin has a special refreshing and moisturizing feeling.  I think another reason why I like it so much is that it had soften lines on my face and it is absolutely great for aging ladies, i would say 30+ even though i am way over. 😛

I had very close contact with the factory and doctors and they had done so much research on the ingredient – stem cell.  After many meetings, we had translated all our words onto product description on following links.  There are three series:

I will not promise a regeneration skin with quick look like those “ageless cream wrinkle remover” (have you seen those?, but a constantly use of Ben & Sera serum can surely slowly heal your skin internally.  I personally never tried those quickly healed ageless cream, or maybe I am not on that age yet which is why, but they do look amazing. 🙂

In short, here is some bullet points:

  • They are Stem Cell Activator just like “Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair” but Estee Lauder Night Repair has a much less stem cell ingredient.
  • What is a Stem Cell Activator? A shortcut to stop skin aging – Reactivate stem cells is a shortcut to STOP skin again and it will promote skin circulation again.
  • Important function of those serums:
    • Healing of wounds and scars
    • Restoration of Cells
    • Regenerating of Cells and Cell tissues
    • Maintaining a healthy looking skin and its overall condition
  • NO Preservative: We did not use any antiseptic substance which is the number one cause for troubled skin.
  • NO Color: We did not include any pigment in our products for just good looks. It is our motto to exclude even the tiniest bit of any ingredients unless we know for a fact that it’s safe.
  • NO Fragrance: Free of scents make our product feel light and easy on the nose.

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4 thoughts on “The Amazing Anti-Aging Sercret – Ben & Sera Serum

    1. Yes it is definitely not worth it, trust me for using it for so many years… expensive cosmetic and Korean cosmetic are JUST THE SAME. I was younger when i use those expensive ones and I am now much older when I use those cheaper ones; and you know what? I look younger with healthy skin now. lol I honestly do not mean to hurt any brands but the profit margin is just too high I think.


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