Skin18 Important note for Skin18 Reviewers!!

Here is another way to get FREE product and FREE postage from Skin18! Yeah!!

  • Are you are blogger?  Reviewer? influencer? Want to share your feeling to the public?
  • Do you want products to review? Want to try Korean skincare?
  • Have you heard of sheet Masks? Want to know what they are?
  • Do you have 2 social media channels?  Do you have a blog?
  • Join Skin18 Reviewer Program and get your FREE package now!
* This is an official Skin18 marketing post and not a written post by the blog’s host

Here is another way to get FREE product and FREE postage from skin18! Yeah!!

Skin18 would like to invite any blogger, or anyone who likes to try Korean Skincare to enter our [ Skin18 Reviewer Program ].  We are recruiting from March till June 2016 at this moment.


Requirement to enter as our Reviewer (either one of the following)

  1. It would be awesome if you are a blogger (even new ones) and have your own blog page (min of 10 post)*.
  2. Host accounts on a minimum of 2 social media channels with over 300+ followers/fans: Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / Google+ / Instagram / Tumblr
  3. If you do not have the above pages, create one!! Please note that you have to share your social media page link to Skin18 in order to get approval.
*All the above pages has to be related to beauty, health or fashion

What you need to do?

  • Send an request email to or fill out the reviewer application form in here with a message of “Interested on Reviewer Program” with your blog’s link / social media’s link / follower’s number and any other additional information you want to support your application.
  • Skin18 Blogger’s Team will review your request (we review on a monthly basis, be patient) and send you a confirmation.

What you need to do after approval?

SPREAD THE NEWS before it ends



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