Best drink for amazing skin improvement – Five Green Veggie Juice 

Skin care product knowledge, careful selection and regular usage are important to keep up a healthy looking skin, just like good eating habit is also important for keeping a good health.  Those are logical sense but there was a discovery for a combination of both in my skin care journey – an amazing juice for a healthy skin – Five Green (Veggie) Juice.
For the pasted 10 years, I did not keep a good health by putting 100% power to my zombie working life.   I worked like a zombie, went to sleep late and worked overnight for my festival decoration business; I remember it was this one time that I only had 4 hours of sleep in 3 days which was only one those days.  It was an horrible experience when i think back :O.

Many of my good friends and family noticed a signification unhealthy and tired-looking face on me; so they suggested me to drink the Five Green (Veggie) Juice as a simple detoxifying, blood sugar-controlling process to strengthen and recovered my immune system.

I had done some research on the web by then about the green juice and found so many different kinds of receipts out there.  It is for sure a healthy juice that works positively to majority of people worldwide, even for those with cancer or other kind of serious illness.  This juice is good for those who might not take enough vegetable for their body to heal.  It indeed has much more functions then I could imagine – high in antioxidants, controls blood sugar, iron deficiencies, detoxifying effect, and weight loss.   Drinking frequency also can have different healing effect depending on your health, it is a very popular healthy drinks in Hong Kong nowadays especially for girls who wants to go on diet.

So I started with instruction to drink 3 drinks a week.  I started to feel the amazing health differences as short as the first week by more and “healthier” restroom frequency.   The most amazing part did not come until the 3rd week that my skin had a significant changes!!!  Skin tone was balanced, dark circle improved and even the moisture level changed!!  For example, my skin did not feel extremely tighten after i wash and leave it untouched for 5 mins – this hasn’t happen to me since I was 18.  The same thing happened to my sister and my girl friends, this is the reason why I would like to share this experience with everyone.  The Five Green (Veggie) Juice was an internal healing for a healthy skin, it definitely works for me but I would suggest to those who want to try it start it slowly.  For example, started with 1 glass per week, then 2, then 3… etc.  I started with 3 and ended with 5;  after drinking 5 per week for years, I now cut it off to 2-3 drinks per week and I am all set.

The detox process even worked for one of my friend’s mother (an old lady) who had some sort of serious sickness on her.  She is feeling so well now and always thank me for giving her the receipts and here you go:

  • Big Celery x 2-3 pcs
  • Green Apple x 1 pcs
  • Large Cucumber x 1/2 pcs
  • Green Pepper x 1/2 pcs
  • Bitter Melon x 1/2 pcs

Put everything to a juice blender, remember to use those can blend veggie totally to juice instead of a Smoothie Blenders.  On the following photos, the correct one should be the one on the right.

One last friendly reminder, the first taste of this Five Green Juice is 100% not pleasant.  You can try to add one more apple and put less Bitter Melon / Green Pepper at the early state if you feel strange on drinking the juice.  I am already used to the taste and even addicted to the taste, lol.  It would be wonderful to combine the juice with a set of Cucumber Facial Masks.

Last important point, drinking juice is 100% an awesome experience for me, I strongly suggest many of you to start drinking healthy juice as part of your health plan. 🙂 There are many articles about healthy juice from professional writes.  Here are some great articles about Five Green Juice to share with you:


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