Eye Balm – Great invention for Eye Area

Eye Concealer used to be my best friend for many years due to my dark circle problem, and I could not leave home without wearing concealer.  The biggest problem during that time was the horrible dryness which cracked up my eye area after 3-4 hours of prettiness.  Years of coverage not only created temporary dryness for my delicate eye area, I ended up having permanent visible lines at a very young age. :OI then learned to mix concealer with different kinds of eye cream to kill those obvious lines.  To think back, I was actually making my own “BB cream for eye area” for many years.  After years of using eye cream, I do not need concealer anymore.  This means I was a concealer person when I was young and I am an eye cream person at an “older” stage.  My dark circle and wrinkle lines improved a lot and I am in advance or even expert level for using eye cream, eye serum, eye balm, eye mask and even concealer after all.

For your information, our skin under eyes is totally different than all other parts of our body.  It is thin, sensitive, delicate and it is the earliest area to show aging signs.  As many of you know, people start to lost collagen when aging; area around eyes will become thinner and thinner on the collagen losing stage.  It is hard to keep the skin under eyes moisturized because the delicate tissue has very few sebaceous glands. #

# Sebaceous Glands is a small gland in the skin which secretes a lubricating oily matter (sebum) into the hair follicles to lubricate the skin and hair. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sebaceous_gland)

After exploring eye serum and eye cream for many years, I found an even more interesting invention for my eye area : eye balm; as far as I know, eye balm use 100% natural ingredient that contains only the ingredients that serve to protect and moisturize the delicate skin.  It is usually not watery-base, this means all the liquid it contains are wax-based or oil-based, which is perfect to moisture the delicate area around eyes.

I first tried L’occitane Precious Eye Balm with the Brand L’occitane as I was in love with the L’occitane Immortelle Divine Series.  My opinion with their eye balm is that I think it was too dry for me in a way as I was too used to the watery base eye serum / eye cream.  To talk a bit more about the  L’occitane Immortelle Divine Series which i had used on and off for 4-5 years, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the set but the Divine Cream has a super strong scant that will bother my eyes whenever i applied it on my face.  My eyes always ended up with tears after I finish my skin care routine, which was the reason why i gave up the whole series.  One of the reasons for tearing also because i used quiet a large amount of lotion which was not supposed to be the correct way of using the cream.  To add a positive point to this product, my best friend who lives in the US who has delicate and sensitive skin but she can only use the L’occitane Immortelle Divine Series.  For her, the only problem with using them is the price – too expensive.

White Cat Super Berry Silky Eye Balm came to my life after i started my Korean skin care journey.  I think it is similar to L’occitane Precious Eye Balm with more “oil” contained which means the moisturizing level is higher and eye area did not get dry as easy.   Not only do I like its texture and moisturizing function, I especially like its highlighting effect.  The eye balm is in total pure white color with a slightly glitter, when i pad a little (*a little only*) amount of White Cat eye balm to my eye, it serves as a make up base, dark circle coverage or eye area highlight.  So I do not treat this eye balm as an eye treatment only but also a highlight after I finish my make up.  In addition, the ingredient list is also VERY attractive with 12 kinds of bright berry skin care formulate with Vitamin C. (Read more at Skin18 White Cat Eye Balm product list)

I tried a total of 3 kinds of eye balm from other Korea factories also but I do like this the most and select this one to be a selling product in Skin18 because I am an expert for “eye area” 😛

I searched on google as usually while writing a post and found a lot of good review on this product!  Also, recently a blogger named Yu Kitty approached the Skin18 blogger team and told us that she had tried the White Cat Super Berry Silky Eye Balm and she loves it, here are her post and some other blogger’s post on the item as reference.


One thought on “Eye Balm – Great invention for Eye Area

  1. Oh my gosh!!!! I have to try this, I have to get my hands on it! Obviously there is the cat but I am crazy for berries and the idea of an actual balm for the eye area? I must have it!!!

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