The Amazing Anti-Aging Sercret – Ben & Sera Serum

This is my personal skin care routine – from Cleanser > Toner > Face Oil (Winter only) > Serum > Lotion > Moisturizer > Mist.  For some reason my favorite step has always been “Serum” among all as it is an important step with quality concentrated essence.  During the skin care routine process, my big secret is to let skin absorb for 1-2 minutes between each step, the most enjoyable process is obviously the Serum absorption. Continue reading “The Amazing Anti-Aging Sercret – Ben & Sera Serum”


Skin18 Important note for Skin18 Reviewers!!

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Rose Water Talk

I could never imagine beautiful Rose can be an ingredient for skin care products.  I was attracted by this Ingredient when i first learned products with Rose and I could not wait to try the Rose Water series from Grinif.  Rose is such a beautiful creature with great scant, I am also a “rose” person just like many of you.  I remember one of my sisters (I have 4 elder sisters by the way) used to make her own dried flowers at home when I was little.  I used to help her along the way so i learned how to by then, they are very easy to make indeed.   It is a real natural air fresher after all.

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Best drink for amazing skin improvement – Five Green Veggie Juice 

Skin care product knowledge, careful selection and regular usage are important to keep up a healthy looking skin, just like good eating habit is also important for keeping a good health.  Those are logical sense but there was a discovery for a combination of both in my skin care journey – an amazing juice for a healthy skin – Five Green (Veggie) Juice.
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Eye Balm – Great invention for Eye Area

Eye Concealer used to be my best friend for many years due to my dark circle problem, and I could not leave home without wearing concealer.  The biggest problem during that time was the horrible dryness which cracked up my eye area after 3-4 hours of prettiness.  Years of coverage not only created temporary dryness for my delicate eye area, I ended up having permanent visible lines at a very young age. :O Continue reading “Eye Balm – Great invention for Eye Area”