How often should I Mask?

Since i started using sheet mask, I asked so many professionals especially factories and their doctors on how often do I mask to get the best result at my age?  Everyday?  Bi-Daily? 3-4 times a week? Twice a week?  I also wanted to know if I should mask more often to get the better result?  What is “enough” for my skin type?

Before I go into answers of all those questions, the first thing we have to find out is our skin types.  I once asked a skin care agency what type of skin do i have, and he answered “how do i know? You are the one who supposed to know best.” *_*  He was very straight-forward person but he was actually right, lol.

It is actually very easy to tell what kind of skin do you have as you will always be the person know your skin the best.  You should be able to answer the following questions to find out, or play this game here [ mostly A ]

  1. How do you feel after cleaning your face?
  2. How do you prefer to clean your face?
  3. How do you feel to use a toner?
  4. How do you like moisturizer?
  5. How does your skin appear if you look very close on mirror?

You can find out your skin type by playing quizzes / games at on this link:  Skin18 got those questions and answers professionally from the brand “The Face Shop”, “Laffair” and “Grinif”.

What mostly is your skin?
What type of skin do you have?
Find out your specific skin type!

If you are really concerned about your skin type and want to find out more, i would also suggest you to buy a skin moisture analyzer (Link to Amazone search) to test your skin moisturizing level before and after facial masks.  This is exactly like how a person who wants to lose weight, first thing he/she needs to do is get a weight to weight himself/herself everyday.  Process onitor  before starting on a diets.

Back to the mask topic; after finding out your skin type, you can now select the right kind of mask for your face, there are many types for different purposes.  For me, i started by using all sorts of different kind but one kind per week and i use the skin moisture analyzer every time before and after my mask to test my moisturizing level.  I have combination skin with an oily T shape.  Here are some masks type:

  • moisturizing / aqua / hydration Mask for dry skin
  • tightening / pore care Mask for oily skin
  • firmness / anti-aging / anti-wrinkle / elasticity Mask for younger looking
  • brightening /glowing / Mask for adjusting skin tone

Start your monitoring test by using 1 mask then 2, 3, 4, etc per week, remember to mark down all changes includes how you feel (tightening? dry? oily? normal?), how your skin look when you get really close to a mirror (lines visibility? size of pore? dryness?).  You need to be patient on monitoring process and do this for at least 3-4 months.  If nothing change, that might means you need more mask pampering.

For myself, the obvious signal came in after 1-2 month.  Evident of changes includes my not so obvious lines started to fade away, my overall skin tone was adjusted to a brighter tone and my skin do not feel dry even after a 12 hours of outing without refill of moisturizer or mist.  Here are two photos of myself taken from year 2004 and year 2014 (10 years difference with absolutely no photo editing).  Take a guess to see which one was taken in which year.  (scroll down to the bottom of this page to find out :P)

So to conclude all, it is easy to answer all my mask questions – do a test with your face to find out.  Professionals or bloggers can always share their feelings but no one can ever tell you which mask is best for you or how often should you mask.  Answers to all is to try it yourself and feel if you personally like it or not.  I honestly never like sheet mask until 3 years ago by starting using SK-II facial masks as those were giving as gift from purchasing their essence. 😛


Here are some more post about the frequency of mask from Skin18’s writer and bloggers:







Answer for my “aging photo question”: Picture on the left was year 2014 with my sister and daughter / picture on the right was year 2004 with my dad.




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