Skin Care Blogger (Blogger’s talk)

I first heard of blogging about 20 years ago but I never pay much attention to it, during that time only people who work in the IT field get chances to own their personal blog.  Thanks to the technology which makes it a lot easier for bloggers to create blog to share feelings and knowledge.  Nowadays, most sharing links with fruitful content we read from facebook, social media or search engine are all written from bloggers!

By starting Skin18, I got chances to get to know more and more bloggers and many of those are just amazing!  Their goals are not related to money, business or commercial, in my point of view, most writing focus on sharing and caring.  I started to meet a lot more friends worldwide in an easy way and it is so much easier for me to learn more and share my personal skin care experience with the world.

The more I explore the blogger’s world, the more i like to share.  It is just amazing on how much effort they would put to review all skin care products!  Content not only limited to feeling and experience; i also read ingredient list with professional chemical analyzing point.   The blogging world is very interesting and they spent so much of their personal time to create such enrich content for all of us.

To strongly praise how much i am in love with all those bloggers, I created a section at Skin18 called Blogger’s Say  and we basically screen capture their lovely writing to share with users.  I randomly took 5 to point out here as there are limited space. 😛

Want to know more bloggers who are interested on skin care?  Come and check out blog’s post at Blogger’s Say .

If you are a new or existing blogger and you would like to try some skin care items, please feel free to contact the Skin18 team, we do accept both positive and negative feed backs!  We really hope that Skin18 is a station to filter all goodies to users and not a commercial platform just to do cold selling.

I had used around 60-70% of all skin care items selling at Skin18 right at this moment but we are planning to grow bigger and stronger so we need YOUR help. *

Skin18 started around April 2015 and we are hoping to get more participates to create a great skincare society.  I am honestly not thinking to capture the world’s money with skincare, I instead want to explore with everyone to find out the best skin care knowledge for everyone.  Nope, I am not a doctor or pro and I am just like everyone of you who likes to try new things and YES I am addicted.  I also like to share changes on my skin care journey so that when others read, they do not have to go through the pumps i went through.

* Note for free blogger’s sample:  This offer is only for a limited period of time (March 2016 – March 2017) with limed quantity, mask samples are giving away to those who are currently a blogger who has at least 50+ posts and blogged for 1 year – please send an email to (email subject: sample – Anything ) with your blog’s address if you are interested and Skin18’s sales and marketing team will contact you accordingly.


15 thoughts on “Skin Care Blogger (Blogger’s talk)

  1. Thanks for this opportunity. I received my first blogger’s pack and I’m really enjoying the products. I do wish you more success and will do my part to get the word out ☺

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