What do eye patchs do and how they work?

I have serious dark circle problem since i was little and obvious lines started to appear when i was 20+; all that happened for a good reason as i gained much knowledge on eye care.  I started all by trying many kinds of concealer as a coverage and my eye problem became worse.  Not until i start mixing concealer with eye cream that my eye’s problem got better; after years of eye cream experience with eye mask sometime, i do not use concealer anymore.  After the stage of concealer, eye cream and eye mask, i discovered the powerful of eye patch.

I started to use eye patch about 6 months ago as suggested by a Korean Skincare factory, the package came with 60 patches and i use 2 every night and my obvious lines disappeared totally which surprised me!!!  Here is what i observed and found out:

What do eye patch do and how they work?  Eye patch is the best solution for removing eye area wrinkle, dark circle or relief puffiness.

Starting at the age of 20 up till 30, 40, 50 and up; collagen and glycoprotein inside your skin will reduce gradually – those are important skin framework for a elastic fibrous within connective tissue. Eye’s area is the most delicated area on the face and most significant area to show your age while reducing of fibrous occur,  it usually shown with dark circle and wrinkles.  This case also applies to your face and neck because those are areas expose to sunlight and air the most without protection.

Effect of eye patch to different age:

  • Age of 20’s – A light moistening for this age, recommended to be use only 2-3 times a week to keep moist around eye’s area.
  • Age of 30’s – Significant moisturize around area at first. After using eye patch for 2 months or above – wrinkles will reduce gradually with a smoother skin surface around the eye area.
  • Age of 40’s – Function of slowly shrink enlarged pore, reduce the risk of appearance of wrinkles. At this age, is the most important time to go from looking young and aging, it is strongly recommended to start using eye patch at this age.
  • Age of 50’s – Moisturizing of eye area is VERY important at this age, eye patch can provide elasticity for eye’s area. Recommended to be use for at least 3 months for anti-aging and anit-wrinkle effects.

Suggested product (60 patches):

Suggested product (2 patches):


Eye area is the most sensitive area on the whole face that can easily show your age, some people will find their wrinkles starts as early as 20’s.  There are many reasons behind which includes but not limited to health status, sleeping status, heavy makeup (skin was unable to breath), wrong concealer used (material too thick or too dry), personal behavior (rubbing eyes too hard) etc.  It is VERY important to use eye patches with nutrition to comfort your eye area to avoid the “growth” of those wrinkles.  It is also important to keep the firming by using hydrogel mask to tighten the skin up.  It is best to start when you do not have any wrinkles developed yet, some people might think it is not necessary to use eye patch because they do not have any wrinkle.  The best way is to start using eye patch to avoid the “starts”.  Products includes  Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Wrinkles (Red),

Dark Circle

Dark Circle is another aging killer, reasons behind are more related to health status, sleeping status and eating habit also has a big effect on this problem.  Obviously eye patches can help on dark circle but it works only if a person gets enough rest, eat healthy (no junk food) and stress free.


Tightening skin around eye area is the hardest job for skin care product because firming has a big relationship to age.  Some eye patch has function of help reducing eye puffiness and tightening skin under eyes.  Patch like Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Eye Puffiness (Purple) has highly concentrated Moisturizing patch with high formulated on main ingredient in Marine Collagen, Vitamin A, E and Aloe Vera

  • LUKE Hydrogel  Eye Patch series has a total of 4 types aim for different eye treatment problems:
    • Wrinkles (Red) – starting to have lines under your eyes? this type of eye patch is suggested for those with obvious lines under eyes.  Often usage can fade out lines and wrinkle.
    • Eye Puffiness (Purple) – many people get puffy eyes in the morning or at night because of body or skin tiredness, get the best result to be used in the morning time with those patch to relax under eye area.
    • Collagen (Green) – skin area under eyes need nutrition pumping just like how we need to eat everyday, feed your eyes with “collagen” which is the most abundant protein in the human body and is the substance that holds the whole body together
    • Vitamin (Orange) –  skin area under eyes need nutrition pumping just like how we need to eat everyday, feed your eyes with “vitamin” which is essential nutrients that your body need in small amounts in order to work properly.

More tips

Except using eye patch, there are important Tips to protect your eyes, try to avoid the following:

  • DO NOT rub your eyes – or rub gently or slowly
  • Heavy eye makeup on a daily basis – try to avoid heavy eye liner especially the liquid dry out kind
  • Lack of sleep – always keep yourself to have enough sleep
  • Dryness – always keep your eye area moist with lotion/essenc

4 thoughts on “What do eye patchs do and how they work?

  1. Great article. Reading this urge me to start to try those eye patches, i do not have to close my eyes and lay on bed while using them. They are really cheap compare with those i am using now. Thank you for sharing.

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