Another surprised 3 steps Facial Masks: CraCare Anit-Aging 3 steps Masks

It is hard to tell which Korean Skin Care Brand makes better Masks and is popular nowadays because there are so many of them.  By visiting Korea for a couple of times, reading articles related to Korean Facial Mask for a while and using Facial Masks for months.  I think some very popular Korea Mask Brands would be Mediheal, Leaders, Innisfree, EtudeHouse, SNP, Nature Republic, Holika Holika, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, etc.

How do i know? Simple go to google image and search for “Korean Mask Brand” and you will see pictures with all those brands.  There are obviously more brands then those I covered but I would say those are the most popular ones up at this moment (Jan 2016).

After exploring new brands from Korean, I finally found another surprised 3 steps Facial Masks.  I was honestly addicted to [i:bo] All-In-One 3 steps Repair Solution for a while (a while means 2 to 4 months) as I can see obvious result from using it – adjusted my skin tone, lines around my delicate skin is less obvious and closed to disappearing stage.

CraCare was a new brand that I never heard of before the factory came to talk to me.  As a “founder”, my job is to explore different brands (my favorite things to do in life at this moment), so I did.   Then surprise then came to me all of a sudden, I could not stop myself on using the brand.  There are a total of 4 kinds: Aloe Soothing, Collagen Lifting, Hyaluron Moisture and Snail Repairing.  Four of those kinds share some similar points that made me felt in love with them:

  •  Active Ampule has such a delicate texture which quickly absorbed onto to my skin.  The smell was pretty awesome (I am addicted to the scent) and the texture is so much like a thick serum.  At first, I thought the ampule was a preparation “serum” for my face before the mask, after i read through the instruction again, it was actually produced intended for the eye and lip area!!  As I am very sensitive on my eye area so I denied to put the “unknown” ampule to my eye area before the mask.   During the third of forth time of using this mask, as this ampule felt very special so I finally decided to try it around my eyes.  Surprisingly the ampule was SO GOOD, the thin layer of skin around eyes totally absorbed the delicate ampule.  I finally understand why the texture of active ampule was so thin as it was intended for the eye and lip before the Mask Process.
  • Essence Mask – I have a personal preference on Mask with super thin texture because I like how Essence totally absorb onto the Mask; but sometime it is very hard to get a thin mask out of the package (my favorite one is Grinif Cellulose Facial Mask here).  One of my sisters did not like Grinif Cellulose Facial Mask as the thinness got too messy and hard to be placed to her face, so usually the thinnest kind of masks are not the most popular ones.  Instead the texture and thickness of the CraCare Anti-Aging Mask is just right, it is very much like those very popular Korea Mask Brands such as Mediheal, Leaders, Innisfree, EtudeHouse, SNP, Nature Republic, Holika Holika, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, etc.  In short, it is not so thick and not too thin which can best fit on the face for the Mask Process.
  • Night Cream – texture the night cream was not too thick but enough to pamper the face for the whole night.  Most of the 3 step masks I used before did not have great night cream, they are either too thick/rich or not rich enough that felt like a day cream.  A tip from my sister about night cream, she once told me a big hint to test if the night cream is good for the face or not.  After you apply it to your face, if there are still a thick layer of “cream” left on the face on the next morning, this means the cream was not absorbed totally.  In reverse, if your skin was filled with elastic but does not have a layer of cream, this means the face already absorb those night cream totally.  This night cream has the second said effect.

My first favorite part of this mask is the great scent of 3 items inside the package, it is not very strong but enough to keep my mask process enjoyable with pleasure.  Second part is the active ampule, I had asked the factory if they are going to produce the active ampule itself and they are indeed planning to do so.  Third is the tremendous changes of moisturizing level of my skin after using it twice a week.  I first used it around autumn, weather was changing to winter time and weather started to gets really dry in Hong Kong.  The CraCare Anti-Aging Mask with steps was good enough to pamper enough nutrition for a good maintenance of moisturizing level, I do use a skin moisture analyzer to check my level.  The last favorite part is the three step process which make the home facial process more complete for me.

I would definitely love to share this with bloggers for review *, please contact my team. 🙂

* Note for free blogger’s sample:  This offer is only for a limited period of time (Jan 2016 – June 2016) with limed quantity, mask samples are giving away to those who are currently a blogger who has at least 50+ posts and blogged for 1 year – please send an email to (email subject: sample – CraCare Anti-aging mask ) with your blog’s address if you are interested and Skin18’s sales and marketing team will contact you accordingly.

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