What do eye patchs do and how they work?

I have serious dark circle problem since i was little and obvious lines started to appear when i was 20+; all that happened for a good reason as i gained much knowledge on eye care.  I started all by trying many kinds of concealer as a coverage and my eye problem became worse.  Not until i start mixing concealer with eye cream that my eye’s problem got better; after years of eye cream experience with eye mask sometime, i do not use concealer anymore.  After the stage of concealer, eye cream and eye mask, i discovered the powerful of eye patch.

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Another surprised 3 steps Facial Masks: CraCare Anit-Aging 3 steps Masks

It is hard to tell which Korean Skin Care Brand makes better Masks and is popular nowadays because there are so many of them.  By visiting Korea for a couple of times, reading articles related to Korean Facial Mask for a while and using Facial Masks for months.  I think some very popular Korea Mask Brands would be Mediheal, Leaders, Innisfree, EtudeHouse, SNP, Nature Republic, Holika Holika, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, etc.

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