Pores on my nose

Many people have pore problem but does not even realize they do, pores on face especially the nose area is easily filled with sebum.  They are called whiteheads / blackheads and they are those white/black secretion from pores.  They get really annoying and you can see it clearly if you get really close to look at yourself in the mirror.

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What do eye patchs do and how they work?

I have serious dark circle problem since i was little and obvious lines started to appear when i was 20+; all that happened for a good reason as i gained much knowledge on eye care.  I started all by trying many kinds of concealer as a coverage and my eye problem became worse.  Not until i start mixing concealer with eye cream that my eye’s problem got better; after years of eye cream experience with eye mask sometime, i do not use concealer anymore.  After the stage of concealer, eye cream and eye mask, i discovered the powerful of eye patch.

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Another surprised 3 steps Facial Masks: CraCare Anit-Aging 3 steps Masks

It is hard to tell which Korean Skin Care Brand makes better Masks and is popular nowadays because there are so many of them.  By visiting Korea for a couple of times, reading articles related to Korean Facial Mask for a while and using Facial Masks for months.  I think some very popular Korea Mask Brands would be Mediheal, Leaders, Innisfree, EtudeHouse, SNP, Nature Republic, Holika Holika, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, etc.

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