7 Fruity Masks from Monday to Sunday

Have you ever seen people putting fruit on face for facial? Don’t be surprise because there are many recipes out there on fruit/food facial, you will find quiet a lot of reference links if searching on the Internet for “fruit facial” .  Basically it is a concept of preparing food to put onto your face for facial time and not by eating/drinking.  Each type of fruit/food also has its own special function just like the skin care products we are using everyday.

I used to put real cucumber on my eyes as eye mask when i got really tired as my mother told me that cucumber is a great ingredient for lightening the skin.  I had dark circle problem since i was a baby so i tried cucumber; I won’t say it gave me an amazing result but it did work quiet well!  I personally would prefer eye patch / mask / products from the store because sometime it feels strange to put eatable items onto your face.  Again fruit facial is not magical foundation/concealer which works with immediate result; instead just like skin care products, their result come slowly.  Another real fruit facial i tried was putting honey onto my face as honey is the perfect ingredient to moisturize skin.  Those real food mixture honestly worked ok as facial but they always create a big mess in the house or on your face especially with “honey”.

In order to avoid the messiness, i prefer the LomiLomi 7 Skin Scheduler Mask Box (7 masks from Monday to Sunday).  Lomi 7 day Mask box is a box with 7 masks that contains 7 kinds of fruits as ingredient.  One point i have to emphasis here is the texture of the mask.  It is a mask with non-woven fabric, fabric with cross array as stated from the factory; unlike all other masks i used so far, this mask is very thin in texture and it absorbs essence totally with a thickness of essence when taking it out.  The softness of the mask makes it easier on face attachment, it also amazingly absorb the thick close to gel-like essence totally with a strong moisture feeling.  When i placed it on my face, it is so attached and it will never fall off during the mask process – It is my favorite mask in texture / attachment / ingredient so far.

I do not use 7 of them continuously as stated for a week, instead i use 2-4 masks per week.  An intensive nutrition pampering might not be a good idea (personal opinion & suggestion), just like how a human cannot eat too much at a time.

Those masks also contain a good formula with No Animal Material, No Paraben, No Mineral Oil, No GMO, No Sulfate, No Benzophenone, No Pigment.


Here are all fruits contained inside each box:

If you do not mind the food mess and interested on real food / fruit mask, here is an interesting blog post about homemade fruit packs: Top 22 Homemade Fruit Packs and Scrubs for Oily Skin.  I quoted and took out some of their ingredient points as they all sounded very interesting.

  • Berries are a good healing source for oily skin, it can also reduce wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin. (strawberry, blueberry, etc)
  • Strawberry also cure for dark circles around eyes.
  • Kiwi can eliminate excess oil
  • Vitamin C contains alpha hydroxyl acid which works the best for exfoliating the skin, eliminate dead cells, reduce oil and tone the skin. (oranges, lemon, etc)
  • Cucumber is a great ingredient for lightening the skin, also helps to prevent sunburn and tan as well.
  • Watermelon will clear, tone and remove blemishes from the skin.
  • Yogurt helps in tightening and softening the skin.
  • Honey is the perfect ingredient to moisturize skin without increasing oiliness of skin.
  • Tomato is a great anti-oxidant which helps the skin from aging.
  • Apple removes the dead cells and impurities from the skin in a mild and gentle manner

Blog post from Skin18’s writer about LomiLomi 7 Skin Scheduler Mask Box (7 masks from Monday to Sunday):

Reviews from other websites

If you are a blogger and you would like to review those  LomiLomi 7 Skin Scheduler Mask Box (7 masks from Monday to Sunday), please feel free to contact us at anytime for a sample to review the product. *

* Note for free blogger’s sample:  This offer is only for a limited period of time (March 2016 – Sept 2016) with limed quantity, each blogger can get only 1-3 mask samples.  Samples are giving away to those who are currently a blogger who has at least 50+ posts and blogged for 1 year – please send an email to info@skin18.com (email subject: skincarebeauty18.com sample – LomiLomi 7 Skin Scheduler Masks ) with your blog’s address if you are interested and Skin18’s sales and marketing team will contact you accordingly.

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