Enough moisture level can avoid & reduce lines

Since Skin18 started, I am able to meet and chat with a lot of professional doctors from skin care factories in Korea and i pay even more attention on caring for my skin.  I once asked a doctor from a factory if i have any obvious lines on my face or what “level” of skin care products shall i be using and they suggested me to do a test to understand which part of my face need help first – that was interesting.

They explained that there are stages for lines or wrinkle to appear on face, at the beginning formation stage of wrinkles, they can all be covered up with moisturizing cream.  This means they are not visible at all especially for those who has put moisturizing to her face.  Plus they will not be appearing to be “lines” until a certain period of time, if there are enough moist level, lines will still be hidden underneath.

This is the test they taught me to do – to test if your face is starting to have lines or not, first clean up the face thoroughly with foam cleanser or a organic soap, pad your face with clean tower and then wait until all water dry out. Once you can feel the face starting to get tightening up, go look at your face in the mirror with different expressions.  Smile hard to try to locate those “not so obvious” lines.  When your face is completely dry, it is a lot easier to see the “damaged” area obviously on your face. Remember those areas and use patches to “mask” them. This really worked and it is always good to get to know which part of your face that needs help.

What are patches? They are a high-concentrated mask for the cure with obvious lines, i personally prefer Luke eye patches to fix my lines:

You can also use those from Beyond which are also as good as those from Luke:

It is very very important to use patches to mask your appearing lines BEFORE they actually show up on your face, many ladies do not take good care of their skin to avoid lines appearing which lead to an unhappy result.

I do believe in laser wrinkle treatment also as many of my friends had done it but i rather stay home and work on those wrinkles before they appear in my life.

Since i do like those luke eye patches and i would like to share patches with bloggers who read this and want to try it. *

* Note for free blogger’s sample:  This offer is only for a limited period of time (Jan 2016 – June 2016) with limed quantity, patch samples are giving away to those who are currently a blogger who has at least 50+ posts and blogged for 1 year – please send an email to info@skin18.com (email subject: skincarebeauty18.com sample – Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch ) with your blog’s address if you are interested and Skin18’s sales and marketing team will contact you accordingly.

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