SkinCare for Men

Korea Pop is very popular in Hong Kong even in the US especially to the younger generation and i heard from friends that artist management has fans club worldwide and even have “fan’s trip” arrangement in Korea for “fans”… Surprisingly, many of my friend’s kids actually went to those trips! :O

This opened the topic on my other surprised discovery after my Korean Skin Care journey – the new trend – Men in Skin Care?

By buying and using so much different brands of Skin care product in the pasted, i do pay much attention to skin care advertising on the street, magazine or online ads.  Usually content of most ads are female celebrities or a lady model  holding a product with some slogan on the side.  In Korea, it is different, brands would use ladies and gentlemen on their advertising. Hence, I am not talking about ads for Men Series but main ads of the Skin Care brands.

For example, you will find ads on a serum for ladies’ (or everyday) with a male artist.  Go to Google and search for Korean Skin care ads, not only will you find ads for ladies but also those for Men.

Those men are good looking and natural looking just like ladies, i am used to their ads already and i kind of enjoy paying attention to those ads.  When i first started Skin18, i also thought of opening a men section, but then a factory came to me and said it is not necessary because all skin care in Korea nowadays are for Men and Women!   He mentioned to me that the trend for using skin care is not a thing for women only anymore.

Following are brands that Skin 18 includes and their ads are mainly with male artist: Beyond, Innisfree, Nature Republic, It’s Skin,

Please find Skin18‘s writer’s blog post on below space as reference:


Here are more samples:



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