My Skin Care Routine Talk


Skin care routine is a knowledge based caring process whereas each individual has to learn their own steps from knowledge, experience, analysis result, test on skin and improve for better treatment.   There are also different skin types that needs to be award of: oily, normal, dry, combination and sensitive. (Find out your skin type here).  Skin type can also change due to weather, environment, eating habit, etc.

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My Gosh – Character Facial Sheet Masks!!!

OMG i was so excited when i first learned about those Character Facial Sheet Masks, they are such an amazing invention from Korea!  I found Tiger, Panda, Monkey, Sheep, Fox, Seal, Cow, Horses, Bear…etc and they all look amazingly cute!

After the silly excitement, second thought in mind with those was series of questions – are they “safe” to be used? Are they benefit to skin? Or will they do any damage to the skin?  What kind of factory produce them?  Do they have any sort of official standard certification?  Am i  sure i can put those on my face?  etc.

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SkinCare for Men

Korea Pop is very popular in Hong Kong even in the US especially to the younger generation and i heard from friends that artist management has fans club worldwide and even have “fan’s trip” arrangement in Korea for “fans”… Surprisingly, many of my friend’s kids actually went to those trips! :O

This opened the topic on my other surprised discovery after my Korean Skin Care journey – the new trend – Men in Skin Care?

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