Facial Sheet Masks Experience after 3 months

Facial Sheet Mask is honestly an interesting way for skin pampering or nutrition feeding.  I never like it until i discovered so many different kinds of sheet mask from Korea and Taiwan out there.  The first clay mask i used was from Borghese (introduced from my mother) and the first facial mask sheet i used was from SK-II (freebies from my purchase), i honestly did not like the masking process so i stopped.  I am so glad that i finally pick it up again because i now pay more attention to the moisturizing level of my skin and sheet mask became a relaxing personal interest of my life.

Again, skincare pamper will never give you any immediate result, it is indeed a long-term commitment instead of a short-term intensive process.  One of my friends came to me and said she used 7 masks in a week but that did not give her any result… i honestly rolled my eyes and told her not to take the short-term intensive way and expect an amazing result.  Give yourself at least 3-6 months in order to see the result, it is not really the frequency that matters.  For example, if apple is a very healthy fruit for everyone; imagine if you intensively eat 7 apples in one day… it is not going to do any goods to your body. *_*

I had tried many Sheet Masks after i got addicted to Korean Skincare; only short listing those from Korea, there are still so many different brands, materials, styles out there; it is definitely not easy to select good ones.  At first i had more than 50 brands on hand to try and i finally sort out a list after 3 months of trial with friends and colleagues.  I am very happy that many bloggers are also joining me on trying those masks.  Obviously, those are going to be selling at Skin18, please feel free to share your favorite types or brands with me so that we can try them together also. 🙂

* Following list is only a list from my personal preference after personal observation ; Skin18 team is also trying sheet mask everyday to ensure all products listed there are goodies.

It is going to take a while for Skin18 team to launch all those products to Skin18 as the process is not easy.  I am still in the progress on trying more and more and hoping to discover more good sheet masks for the public.

Honestly Skin18 might not have everything everybody wants but we are good for newbies and brand introduction.  Skin18 is not a place that sell “everything” that is profitable, we test, try and share! 😀

If you are a blogger who would like to try any of the above masks (randomly selected by Skin18’s team.  Please contact us! We love sharing. *

* Note for free blogger’s sample:  This offer is only for a limited period of time (Nov 2015 – Nov 2016) with limed quantity, mask samples are giving away to those who are currently a blogger who has at least 50+ posts and blogged for 1 year – please send an email to info@skin18.com (email subject: skincarebeauty18.com sample – Any Facial masks ) with your blog’s address if you are interested and Skin18’s sales and marketing team will contact you accordingly.

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