Interesting Ingredient: Gingseng

Ginseng is a well-known  rare phenomenon with curing purposes in the Asia Market and Korea is one of the leading production countries.  Many elders or people with health problem such as cancer, choose to take Ginseng as an internal treatment for a healthy life, in another word, regimen .

Believe it or not, Korean had developed to put Ginseng onto facec to pamper skin :O.  I tried to use Ginseng skin care a while after i got addicted to Korean skin care but stopped using them as the ginseng scent totally turned me off (only a personal thing).   I will update again later if i can finally accept that in the future, for now, only a ginseng mask with less scent is acceptable. 😛

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Facial Sheet Masks Experience after 3 months

Facial Sheet Mask is honestly an interesting way for skin pampering or nutrition feeding.  I never like it until i discovered so many different kinds of sheet mask from Korea and Taiwan out there.  The first clay mask i used was from Borghese (introduced from my mother) and the first facial mask sheet i used was from SK-II (freebies from my purchase), i honestly did not like the masking process so i stopped.  I am so glad that i finally pick it up again because i now pay more attention to the moisturizing level of my skin and sheet mask became a relaxing personal interest of my life.

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i:bo 3 steps all-in-one 3 steps repair solution

After switching to Korean Skin care, I do home facial more often then before and it seems that it is easier than i thought it would be especially with sheet masks. I can do it anytime i want and the process is very relaxing as i am a “home person” indeed. The discovery of 3 steps masks even made it easier and more convenient where one packet has included everything i need for a complete home facial. I selected my favorite brand and decided to talk about it. 🙂

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