Pearl on skin care products?

Pearl was my mother favorite jewelry and she told me a lot of pearl formation stories.  I do not remember all but i do know where Pearl comes from.  Pearl will form from Oyster /Mussels/Clam with the purpose of a protection layer when irritation occur.  Layers of glossy liquid called Nacre, a kind of mineral substance, will be coated layers by layers mixed with grain of sand until a beautiful Pearl created.  This process sounded easy but it can take from years to years. (from 2 years up to 20 years) – this is why Pearl is so expensive.

Oyster, Mussels and Clam are considered as luxury food; this all made Pearl as a natural phenomenon treasure.  So, how did Pearl became skincare products?

Starting around 80’s when i was still a little girl, ladies started to alert and pay more attention to their skin care.  I first heard of Pearl skin care products was about 30+ years ago from China, where people suggested to grind Pearl to powder and put on face as “facial”.  This tradition happened thousand years ago back in the Empire Era where King always get precious pearl as gifts from followers.  That was obviously a luxury facial from my time and i was lucky enough to get a chance to try real pearl facial with my mother.

Obviously, it is a lot easier today if you want to put Pearl onto your face as skin care.  Many brands nowadays produces products such as facial masks (cotton/hydrogel/etc), eye patches, eye masks, cleansers, creams, moisturizers, serums, essences, emulsions, eye cream, toner and anything you can think of.

About Pearl(Exfoliate, Skin Brightener, Moisturizer, Luster and sheen)

Exfoliate: Pearl contains organic protein called Conchiolin that helps in removing the dead skin and clean deep pores. It helps reducing acne and pimples.

  • Skin Brightener: It is used in whitening products. Organic protein called nacre is present in Pearl which whitens the skin, reduce wrinkles, sun burns, scars and gives the skin an even tone.
  • Moisturizer: Pearl are used in moisturizer that helps in softening the skin and making it soft. It acts as an anti-aging and removes toxins from the skin making it glow.
  • Luster and sheen: It gives a light luster to the skin. It is also used in cold creams to make the cream jar attractive and shiny. Pearl is also used in nail polish to give a shiny color to the nails.

When Pearl is mixed with other anti-oxidants it can prove to be more effective and can generate better results for the product. It is used in many ways to bring live to dull and dry skin, to reduce wrinkle and blemishes, tighten the skin and make skin soft and smooth.   However cosmetics containing Pearl are more expensive than others but are more effective and server their purpose well.

I personally enjoy Pearl products very much because they are made from the nature, original function was protection and usually contain great scent.  The one i used and got addicted to it was The Face Shop Myeonghan Mindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Whitening Series which contains Toner, Essence, Lotion and Moisture Cream.  This one is a MUST TRY as it helped adjust my skin tone to look much brighter and younger.

Blog post from Skin18’s writer as reference:



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