What is Facial Mask Sheets?

Facial Mask Sheet is the easier process ever for pampering your skin.  Going to a spa and do facial was a relaxing process but now you can be even more relax by doing it at home.  The first clay mask i used was from Borghese (introduced from my mother) and the first facial mask sheet i used was from SK-II (freebies from my purchase).

I used different kinds of Borghese since i was young at home and the kind i used was Fango Active Mud for Face and Body Fango Active Mud for Face and Body which is their signature and class mineral-rich mud.  It has the function of purifying power purges and minimizes pores, it can also exfloiates and help surface cell turnover, imparting clarity.  I am sure their clay mask is best of the best but the tightening and drying process was not suitable for my skin.  

Sheet mask is different than clay mask, all sheet masks contain inside a sealed packet and soaked with rich nutrition essence.  You will find a sheet of “cotton” that will fit your features with two holes for your eyes and two holes for your nose and mouth.  It is as easy as a “placing” it onto your face process.  Some hydrogel mask do come with two parts, top and bottom which can better fit onto your face.


I tried so many different kinds and I had found sheet mask packing not sealed by mistake and the cotton sheet mask was dry when i took it out, don’t be surprise if it happens to you netx time as it is not the quality of the factory that matters, it is only that – things happened. 😀

Comparing with all the masks i used in the pasted – Clay mask, peel-off mask, wash-off mask, sleeping mask; i honestly like sheet mask the most and it feels more hygiene by having individual pack for each time usage.

What do you think about sheet mask? Want to try it for free?  Skin18 provides many freebies, use following ways to get your facial sheet mask to try out today:

Here are some post from Skin18’s writers about Korean Sheet Masks, some with really interesting point-of-view (May 2015 – June 2015):


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