Dark Circle Problem

Dark circle has been the biggest problem for me since I was a baby, it is indeed a natural born family signature as my dad also has horrible dark circles.  I did not care until I was a teenage, then friends around me asked me to try using concealer to cover up the horrible natural born “issue”.  Concealer is considered to be the driest “coverage” foundation, it has to contain a certain level and amount of “thickness” in order to make sure it can cover up dark skin/color tone.  It indeed has an immediate awesome results and cover up dark skin tone around eye area for possibly 3 to 4 hours maximum.  Immediately after usage, appearance of obvious lines around eye area was the consequences I had to take and became my long lasting problem.

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Pearl on skin care products?

Pearl was my mother favorite jewelry and she told me a lot of pearl formation stories.  I do not remember all but i do know where Pearl comes from.  Pearl will form from Oyster /Mussels/Clam with the purpose of a protection layer when irritation occur.  Layers of glossy liquid called Nacre, a kind of mineral substance, will be coated layers by layers mixed with grain of sand until a beautiful Pearl created.  This process sounded easy but it can take from years to years. (from 2 years up to 20 years) – this is why Pearl is so expensive.

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Interesting Ingredient talk: Rice Water

SK-II was once my favorite and i especially like their SK-II Facial Treatment Essence but this is surely a luxury product because of its price.  I just checked online and my gosh they are selling at US$165/bottle now. :O  When i was a teenager, i tried the whole skin care routine and I was allergy to toner with the brand YSL and Clinique, i believe those i used for YSL had stopped its production line.  My face was allergy to the ingredient alcohol and i believe a lot of ladies face the same problem also.

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What is Facial Mask Sheets?

Facial Mask Sheet is the easier process ever for pampering your skin.  Going to a spa and do facial was a relaxing process but now you can be even more relax by doing it at home.  The first clay mask i used was from Borghese (introduced from my mother) and the first facial mask sheet i used was from SK-II (freebies from my purchase).

I used different kinds of Borghese since i was young at home and the kind i used was Fango Active Mud for Face and Body Fango Active Mud for Face and Body which is their signature and class mineral-rich mud.  It has the function of purifying power purges and minimizes pores, it can also exfloiates and help surface cell turnover, imparting clarity.  I am sure their clay mask is best of the best but the tightening and drying process was not suitable for my skin.   Continue reading “What is Facial Mask Sheets?”