Korean Celebrity without makeup

Watching Korean Drama is a trend in Hong Kong nowadays.  There are always a reason behind for the popularity.  Unlike other dramas in different countries which mostly focusing on love relationship stories or family values, Korean Drama is very creative with stories such as a girl who can see “scent”, spirit of two persons swapped, etc.  Those storytelling includes a lot of crying and emotions.  One important common thing i found from watching is – actresses like to act in front of the camera without “any” makeup.   This is not a personal interest, it is a trend in Korea.

In fact, Korea is also famous on being an expert on plastic surgery and this is why many of them looks so “pretty”.  😛

Go to Google and search for “Korean celebrity without makeup” and you will find a lot of faces without makeup.  I personally think a little makeup is necessary to add highlight to your face but not heavy – i am never a heavy makeup fans anyway.

This might not be a reason why i choose Korean Skincare but it is a very interesting reason why Korean Skincare pop-up from the worldwide skin care market after all.  The world praised the beauty of makeup for a period of time already and it is time to go back and pamper the original goods on you and not the goods on makeup.

More blog post from writer at Skin18.com about Korea Celebrity without makeup:


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