Natural Ingredients

I am new to Facial Sheet Mask and i am very exciting to find out all those natural ingredients this brand carries on their sheet masks – Beauty Friends.  The Supplier from Korea was very nice to introduce each ingredients with brief information to me, we are also hiring Skin Care expert to try those sheet mask and write those description for us.

It is indeed a new thing for me and i felt like i want to try every single one of them and i will!  I already tried 5 of the following sheet masks (Aloe, Snail, Royal Jelly, Vitamin and Tomato), they all carry a mild scent which felt great as i personally like mild scent while “masking” my face.  The moisturizing level was not too impressive but if i consider their functioni with their affordable price, they are good enough.

Again, the time i write this post – i am a NEWBIE to Korean Skincare and i am excited to find out more on every single one of them: Aloe (Plant), Aroma (Flower), Cereal (Food), Coenzyme Q10 (nutrition?), Collagen (Woo), Cucumber (Veggie), Cucumber (Veggie), Green Tea (Drinks), Herb (Flower), Kiwi (Fruit), Lemon (Fruit), Marine Algae (Food), Mung Bean (Veggie), Pearl (Jewelry), Pomegranate (Fruit), Potato (Veggie), Raspberry (Fruit), Ginseng (Woo), Royal Jelly (Yummy), Snail (Molluscan), Syn-ake (Woo), Tomato (Fruit), Vitamin (Nutrition), etc.


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