Addicted to Facial Sheet Masks

Why do i want to talk about facial masks?  I never “mask” before and i had no idea what sheet masks were until i got bunch of freebies from my Korea Skincare shopping.  This is the exact shopping experience i want to offer to people who shop at

I once remember some of my friends gave me some SK-II facial sheet masks as gift but i never use them until they expired – it was too much work & time for me (i thought).

Once i started, i could not stop and the moist and nutrition pampering process really helped keep me looking younger – my wrinkles, dryness, lines problem improved; my skin tone became balanced with a glow on my face.

I used to think that the internal treatments such as eating healthy food, keeping a good sleeping habit would be the only important key for glowing skin; never realize that combining the above internal treatment with a good skin care routine PLUS sheet mask would have such an amazing result after all.

Skin18 provides many freebies, use following ways to get your facial sheet mask to try out today:


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