Why SkinCareBeauty18?

Hi, my name is Eugenie, i am from HK & the US – i am a huge Korean skincare fans after a visit to Korea. Discovery on Beauty of Korean Skin Care brighten up my life and I would love to share my experiences, the beauty of skin care with readers – the concept is to use skincare to keep our beauty at age of 18. 🙂  At last but not least, i am the founder of Skin18.

I am a busy lady with different kinds of work around me,  I used to enjoy challenging big projects, working hard for the society like a zombie and filling up my schedule with non-ending tasks; my life style changed last year from a good reason with God’s lead and i would rather enjoy a relaxing schedule on doing what i am interested in.

My interest? I like to work, design, draw, teach, sing, travel, chit chat, shop, play online games, do business, meet friends, etc.  Most importantly, i enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  The start of Skin18 was a friendly sharing site and i want to share my experience to the whole world – I am trying my best to run the business at the same time send out as much freebies/giveaways as possible! 😀

Feel free to read the [ About us ] section at Skin18.com to find out how did i become the founder of Skin18.

Instead if you are interested to work with Skin18 in a friendly way – to review our products, to discuss with us and share, we are more then welcome to work with you! After started working with factories, doctors, bloggers, writers, customers; who enjoyed skin care as much as me at Skin18, I figured i would like to share my thoughts on skin care experiences in here in a friendly way.   I will talk about all different kind of brands and not only those Korean Brand Skin18 carries. Please do not expect this as a “sales driven” blog – business is business for Skin18 and i am here to chat not to sell.  Instead if you are interested to work with Skin18 in a friendly way – to review our products, to discuss with us and share, we are more then welcome to work with you!

I like to make lots of friends from different countries with different background, feel free to drop me an email, i might pass it to the Skin18 sales and marketing team if it is anything related to business or nothing interest me. 😛

  • Note from Skin18 on Feb 2016:
    • Many posts were written a while back and the Skin18 team is updating it as quick as possible.  Hope readers enjoy reading and we are always open up on any friendly comments.
    • Note: Unfriendly comments will be deleted by the Skin18team, so please be nice. 😀
    • skincarebeauty18.com contained updated RSS feed from Skin18.com on left and right columns; there are also link on the top bar to go to the website.  😀


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