Kind of food that is “Healthy” for your skin

Commercial Confusion – It’s easy to assume that what you eat is healthy when it actually is not. Advertisers cleverly use catch phrases like “seven-grain bread” or “fat free” with the hopes you will avoid looking at the label. Always read the actual ingredients list instead of relying on marketing on the front of the packaging.  The concept is same as using any skincare onto the face.

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Foods To Enhance Your Health And Well-being

Eating behavior is an important key for a successful health and skin care.  The primary goal of nutrition is to give a body everything necessary to function efficiently. Proper nutrition is imperative to your health, and the subject is broad. Just how can you sort through the myriad of nutrition topics and discover those pertinent to you? Simple: Start by tackling the most basic principles. I hope this article can show you where to begin. Continue reading “Foods To Enhance Your Health And Well-being”

Founder Of Korean Skincare Online Store Reveals Her Inspiration Behind The Brand.

Press Release (Date: 10 November 2016) Lansing, Michigan

Eugenie, the founder, and owner of online Korean Skincare store Skin18 believes that makeup is not a major concern if skin is good, healthy and glowing, the search for affordable yet effective skincare products led her to search out products from places around the world allowing her to understand and experience many different.Recently, Eugenie shared the journey that led her to discover the amazing benefits of Korean skincare and develop a company that offers some of the Korean skincare products including their amazing facial masks to people outside Korea.

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How to select the right kind of skin care products?

Once confronted with an overwhelming abundance of available skincare products, no wonder you feel completely lost and confused. How to know which skincare product is your perfect match? You don’t have time to experiment. You don’t have money to waste. So, what are you supposed to do in order to choose your right skincare solution?

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Comparing Innisfree: Green Tea Seed + Perfect 9 Repair

As a Korean Skin Care buyer, I had a hard time to make decision between two series of Innisfree product to stock in for  Green tea series VS Perfect 9.  So I decided to first started with Perfect 9 as my skin care routine; this set is a more expensive series and I was expecting to get some amazing change to my skin from there.

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Skin18 A Korean Skincare Cosmetic Website Offers Freebies – Press Release

Skin18 is a Korean skincare and beauty products online store based in Hong Kong. Skin18 believes in skincare which feeds natural ingredients & nutrition to skin and makeup is coverage. They deliver products to countries around the world.

Online Korean skincare store, Skin18 has been offering Freebies masks offer since the beginning and has just become better than ever. The store is giving away full-size free masks samples on every purchase and freebies by paying shipping only. This offer is a golden opportunity for all those who would like to try famous Korean skincare products to understand why they are so great. There is a limited quantity of freebie masks up for grabs, the early birds will be able to select their free masks from over 80 choices.

A few years back when Korean skincare and beauty products started making waves in the western world of beauty and makeup, many people dubbed it a trend, but now it seems K-beauty is here to stay and has helped revolutionize the world of beauty and the products being considered as the benchmark for modern and innovative skincare and makeup. Although K-beauty products seem to be everywhere and are readily available in many places, there are still many hidden gems that are not yet available in stores and can only be found on Korean skincare and cosmetics websites such as Skin18. The benefit of shopping from Skin18 are plenty, some of them include their amazingly low prices and outrages discount and freebie offers.

The amazing freebies concept of Skin18 is all about taking care of the skin, the current offers include:

  • Get full-size mask samples on every purchase.
  • Get freebies by paying shipping fee only
  • Up to 5 freebies with free shipping purchase.

The Skin18 store was founded by a lady who believes that taking care of one’s skin is far more important than simply using makeup to hide imperfections. Perfect glowing and radiant skin is a sign of a healthy body and mind, and the Skin18 founder wants her buyers to achieve great skin through the freebies the web store is currently offering. There is a wide variety of masks available to suit many different skin types with different benefits, perfect for home facials.

Skin18’s founder commented: Being obsessed about skin care is one of the habits of our family. As a busy business woman with 2 kids and at a certain age, I pay extra attention to my skin. I am amazed on how Korean natural skincare and makeup has been changing my mentality that high quality skin care does not have to be expensive.”

For more information, please visit

Contact Info:
Name: Debbie Poon
Organization: Skin18

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Clay – A type of Wash Off Masks – let’s Rinse it off.

The first type of mask I used in life was a clay mask, or more like a “mud mask”, which was introduced by my mother when I was 15.  The mud mask still exist in the market and I would like to share my 20+ years of experience with this clay mask.

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Skin18 Video(3): Ingredient Intro: Learn more about sheet mask ingredient!

One of the most interesting points of Korean Skincare is their natural ingredients; 10 out of 10 Korean skin care factories claim that they use all natural ingredient that can function naturally to benefit the skin.  Their interesting ingredient list are food we eat and not limited to fruits, vegetables, daily food and special ones like collagen, snail, syn-ake, etc.

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