Grinif Organic Natural Ingredient Soap

When I first start partnering with the brand Grinif, i was not very satisfy because of their limited expiration date comparing with many other brands.  Shelf time is always a concern for skin care products business just like food selling; I opened a bar & restaurant with partners in the pasted  and I learned a lot from the experience on products with expiration concerns.

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Tanning was a trend when I was a teenager, friends always go to tanning center salon to enjoy the “burn” to the skin.  The business is still around and popular to some people.  What you do is to dress up in swimming suit, wear a protective googles, apply lotions and go inside the tanning bed to “burn” for 15 mins to get your desire color.  Tanning do make a person look amazingly stunning but the harm it does to your skin is definitely  does not worth it.

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Milk as skincare

Milk has always been my favorite drinks as it has this positive nutrition for your body.  Whenever you find out something is good for your health, hence, it is also good for your skin.  Just like how honey can heal and sooth your skin, lemon can maximize enzyme function and rejuvenates, tomato can treat oily skin, etc.  So what can Milk skincare do? It is perfect for cleanser, improves complexion, removes dead skin and it is a natural moisturizer

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How many times should I use facial mask weekly?

Many users/customers/friends always come to me and ask “how many times should I use sheet mask weekly?”.  My answer is “I don’t know”, why?  It is because you are always the one who know your skin the best, why would you ask another person how many time should you mask weekly?  There are no standard answer as everyone is different from each other.  Just like this question -> how much food should you eat everyday?  How do I konw?

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Lazy person with a 30 days challenge – for your skin’s good!

” I am a super lazy person, how should I start my Korean skincare routine? It looks so complicated to me but I want to look young without makeup. “

Skin care routine is nothing like makeup magic and it is definitely not a short term intensive process with speedy amazing result, it is instead a long-term process with not significant result.  Many people never start the process because they claimed them they are very lazy, they found the skin care routine too complicated.   Continue reading “Lazy person with a 30 days challenge – for your skin’s good!”

The goodies inside Lemon

Lemon is a very special fruits that has many positive functions in life even though it is considered to be a “sour” fruit.  Lemon Tea is one of the most popular drinks in Hong Kong, majority of the crowd love this kind of drink.  My mother used to put opened lemon inside the fridge and explained that can remove refrigerator odors and i still do that in my fridge nowadays.  Whenever i get a sore throat, my mother always made me a hot lemon water drink and asked me to drink all of it to ease my pain.

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The Amazing Anti-Aging Sercret – Ben & Sera Serum

This is my personal skin care routine – from Cleanser > Toner > Face Oil (Winter only) > Serum > Lotion > Moisturizer > Mist.  For some reason my favorite step has always been “Serum” among all as it is an important step with quality concentrated essence.  During the skin care routine process, my big secret is to let skin absorb for 1-2 minutes between each step, the most enjoyable process is obviously the Serum absorption. Continue reading “The Amazing Anti-Aging Sercret – Ben & Sera Serum”

Skin18 Important note for Skin18 Reviewers!!

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Rose Water Talk

I could never imagine beautiful Rose can be an ingredient for skin care products.  I was attracted by this Ingredient when i first learned products with Rose and I could not wait to try the Rose Water series from Grinif.  Rose is such a beautiful creature with great scant, I am also a “rose” person just like many of you.  I remember one of my sisters (I have 4 elder sisters by the way) used to make her own dried flowers at home when I was little.  I used to help her along the way so i learned how to by then, they are very easy to make indeed.   It is a real natural air fresher after all.

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Best drink for amazing skin improvement – Five Green Veggie Juice 

Skin care product knowledge, careful selection and regular usage are important to keep up a healthy looking skin, just like good eating habit is also important for keeping a good health.  Those are logical sense but there was a discovery for a combination of both in my skin care journey – an amazing juice for a healthy skin – Five Green (Veggie) Juice.
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